You’ve booked a room and it looks nothing like it did online? There is an AC system installed, only it doesn’t work at the moment? These are just a few of the scams that you might encounter at your lodging during your holiday. has collected the most frequent complaints of the year, and some advice on what to do if you find yourself in such a situation.

Not a summer passes by without hearing a couple horror stories (or even experiencing them) related to holiday lodgings. One of the most frequent problems is that the chosen accommodation does not seem to match in reality the offer that was made in the catalog, or that the hotel did not deliver the service they promised to. Three of the most common complaints are:

  • the accommodation does not receive the guests on the agreed time and they are not willing to return the deposit paid in advance.
  • in other cases, we cannot occupy our rooms in time, as they are not vacant or cleaned yet
  • it is not uncommon for the service and the food to be much poorer than it was promised.

How to avert the issues?

If you’re booking online, then it would be wise to check the information found on the hotel’s website, paying close attention to the Terms and Conditions. It is advised to pay attention to the Terms and Conditions when booking in person at the hotel or via a traveling agency.

The Hungarian Ministry of Development suggests reading reviews about your lodging on booking and comparing sites. The users – who have previously visited the given hotels – usually comment on how well the hotel is equipped, how good the services are and on other important features of the accommodation.

Thanks to the increasing touristic interest in Hungary, there is a need for at least 25 more hotels in Budapest by 2018.

What should be done if we’re unsatisfied?

It is important to keep in mind the fact that you can negotiate with the owner to pay less if you’re not satisfied with the service they’ve provided. If you believe that your resetter has deceived you regarding one or more important aspects of their services, then you can turn to the legal offices of the town where you live and ask them to start an administrative official procedure.

It is the court of civil jurisdiction’s task to judge those legal disputes and claims (e.g. compensations) that derive from contractual relationships. An alternative to lawsuits is to turn to the conciliation board which will conduct a free and fast procedure. This is an attempt to solve the case between the consumer and the company with a mutual settlement.

Watch the stars

Next time you’re booking a hotel room, it is important to know that the compulsory five-star rating for accommodations was terminated on October 25, 2009. This was replaced with the European rating system, the HOTELSTARS, however, hotels are not obliged to partake in this system. The logo of HOTELSTARS is a trademark, but the stars as indications for the category are not, thus they can be used by any hotel.


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