Christmas tree, Kossuth Square

Officers of the civil defence and firefighters brought Hungary’s Christmas tree to Kossuth Square in front of the Hungarian Parliament. The monumental blue spruce is 20 metres high, its trunk is 65 cms wide and it weighs approximately 5-7 tonnes.

According to, the Christmas tree will be decorated after it is safely set up. During Kossuth Square’s reconstruction works, architects took into consideration the spruce’s measurements and built a recessed setting into the ground which can hold the spruce strongly and safely even in the case of extreme windy weather conditions.

The main ornament of the Christmas tree is a 130 cms wide and 30 kgs heavy star finial.

Decorators – like in the past years – will also decorate the tree with 2400 meters light garlands and with 33,600 colourful lamps. Around the tree, a fence built out of 120 sledges will be set up.

Traditionally, the Manger of Bethlehem will be built next to the tree and will be complete on the 24th December when organisers put the little Baby Jesus in the manger next to Joseph and Mary.

The lights of Hungary’s Christmas tree and Kossuth Square can be seen from this Sunday on, the first day of the Advent Period. After Christmas season ends, the tree will be cut up and given to the poor as firewood.

Christmas tree, Kossuth Square
Photo: MTI

Featured image: MTI


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