Toulouse, 26.06.2016., photo: MTI writes that Gábor Király, recorder goal keeper of the Hungarian national football team is to be rewarded as citizen of honour in the city of Szombathely.

Gábor Király performed wonderfully at the 2016 European Football Championship as goalkeeper of the Hungarian national team. Many people around the world got stunned by his skills, and his grey joggers became just as famous as he did.

He managed to set a record the moment he stepped onto the field at the very first Hungarian match of EURO2016: by his age of 40 years and 75 days he broke Lothar Matthaus’ record, and is now the oldest footballer to ever play at a European Championship.

Lyon, 2016. június 21. Király Gábor kapus a franciaországi labdarúgó Európa-bajnokságon szereplõ magyar válogatott edzésén Lyonban 2016. június 21-én, az F csoport harmadik fordulójában Portugália ellen játszott mérkõzés elõtti napon. MTI Fotó: Illyés Tibor

Király, at the opening ceremony of the stadium in his hometown next year, becomes citizen of honour of Szombathely. He surely does deserve all his fame, and all the rewards he gets, because of his achievements.

Also, it is yet to be announced whether he keeps on being a member of the Hungarian national team in the future, according to He has not made the decision so far, but it will be made soon.

Photos: MTI

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