Amal Clooney criticised Donald Trump for labelling the press “enemy of the people” and pointed out the harmful effects his rhetoric has had in autocratic regimes such as North Korea or Hungary.

The Telegraph reports about the United Nations Correspondents Association Awards recently held in New York where Clooney, a human rights barrister, called out President Trump for giving the ‘green light’ for “autocratic regimes from North Korea to the Philippines, to Hungary, Turkey and Brazil” to make out the press as the enemy. She also attributed the rise of populism all over the world to his rhetoric.

“The US president has given such regimes a green light and labelled the press in this country the enemy of the people.”

In her speech, Amal Clooney talked about the growing threat that affects journalists today, talking about two Reuters journalists who went to Myanmar to cover the murders of the Rohingya religious minority. Both Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo had to go to jail for seven years after this. She also mentioned the murder of Jamal Khashoggi that made the news a few months back.

“And you, the press, are under attack like never before. You are being jailed at a higher rate than ever. You are dying while covering wars, not just because you walk unarmed on the most dangerous places on earth but because you are being targeted for exposing crimes committed, for speaking the truth that perpetrators find the most difficult to hear.”

She also said that

“In many of the cases that I have worked on too, I have seen journalists and opposition figures ruthlessly targeted so that they can no longer criticise leaders.”

Two months ago, Khashoggi was brutally tortured, murdered and then dismembered in a pre-calculated attack. The crime took place in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, and Saudi Arabia admitted to having committed it. Even though Ryadh admitted to the crime, the involvement of the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was denied.

Since the Crown Prince is a key ally in the Middle East and is one of the major customers for US arms and weaponry, no blame was put on him by the Trump administration. Clooney commented that the president is overly cautious about criticising Saudi Arabia, though 17 Saudi nationals were sanctioned by the US government.

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  1. I did not read the article. Why would any editor publish Hollywood celebrities opinions. That is a waste of time and space. This woman or her husband do not know what they are talking about. There must be something good that they could do in their own countries. Neither parties are familiar with Hungary, Hungarian politics. Their opinion is based on what they read on liberal media.

  2. The protest of trade unions in Hungary went off with no problems. The Hollywood celeb mentioned in the article should take note. This protest could not happen in London, Khan would have blocked it. Please use your mind that God gave you.

  3. First, why is the title of this article “George Clooney’s wife”? She had a name. Use it.
    Second, she isn’t a Hollywood celebrity. This is her expertise. Read up on her before just assuming she’s a know-nothing just because she’s a celebrity’s spouse.

  4. Who cares what that rat faced fink has to say. She is a nobody that no one cares about but herself. If she is so caught up in the plight of migrants then maybe she and dumbass George can open their Italian home up as a shelter. OOPs, the hypocrites complained about the migrants setting up settlements by their mansion. They just like to tell people and governments how to act to mass migration, they have no clue.

  5. U>N. Correspondence Awards. Sounds like another award dinner full of hot air and empty headed morons. Anything U.N. today is a joke and can not be believed.

  6. Presumably, her Comparison, of North Korea & Hungary to, say Chicago, Washington , London is that that the Literacy Rate,

    (in English, that is), is mich higher in thr Former than the Latter.

  7. North Korea is a closed society with labour camps. Hungary isn’t. Mrs Clooney really ought to know the difference.

  8. Yet another American not cleaning up their own yard before criticizing others. Ignore the corruption and war economy of your own country and focus on something else. Her political contributions to a war monger(Clinton) says it all. At least what happens in Hungary doesn’t effect the rest of the world.

  9. She appears slightly ignorant. Hungary is the polar opposite of North Korea.

  10. She appears slightly ignorant. Hungary is the polar opposite of North Korea.

  11. A few things. First, do not tell another country how to protect their culture. Second, fix your own flaws before you apply for ‘sainthood’. Lastly, comparing Hungary and it’s people to North Korea is just pure ignorance.

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