tram, Hungary, Miskolc
Photo: MTI/Vajda János

The Advent-tram of the Hungarian city Miskolc (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County) has been transporting passengers for eight years. The unique thing about the tram is that every year it gets a brand-new look.

advent, Hungary, tram, Miskolc

Szeretlek Magyarország reported that last year, a blue-coloured frozen castle-look awaited passengers which eventually became the most beautiful tram in Europe. This year the tram transformed into a delicious gingerbread house.

Advent, tram, Miskolc, Hungary
Photo: MTI/Vajda János

The tram is decorated with many lights, curtains and 3D elements. Inside the tram, every furniture of the house is also made out of gingerbread and the house even has its owners inside. The middle of the tram is the house’s kitchen while the two ends of it are living-rooms.

tram, Miskolc, Hungary, gingerbread

The tram runs until January 6, 2020 in Miskolc between Tisza Railway Station and Felső-Majláth.

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advent, tram, Hungary, Miskolc


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