Because of the positive feedback from the catering establishments and the general public, Hungarian Tourism Zrt. organizes its culinary action, Gluttonous Thursday for the 11th time on February 11, 2016, wrote.

This year’s Gluttonous Thursday, which will also be the opening day of Hungarian Tourism Zrt.’s thematic year, the Year of Gastro Experiences, has a more loveable face than ever, based on audience votes and plans.

However, the conditions are changing as well: restaurants do not have to give a 50% discount for alcoholic beverages during Gluttonous Thursday.

Still, the participants have to give the 50% discount on everything else (of course, they can give bigger discount as well). This year, Hungarian Tourism Zrt. pays special attention to the full compliance with the rules.

You can see the list of the earliest registrants from January 19, 2016.

According to, the joining catering facilities

  • have to give a 50% discount for the whole consumption of food and alcohol-free beverages
  • have to provide all possible paying methods (cash, credit card, SZEP card etc) which is possible in the remaining period of the year
  • grant options from the complete ‘a la carte’ offer during the week of Gluttonous Thursday and the week before
  • do not participate in the action with a special, limited menu (of course, they can do it with an extended menu)
  • do not have to give discount for takeaway meals.

The participating restaurants can choose among several supplier discounts and they can be involved in an online publication as well. Registration closes at 8 o’clock on February 9, 2016.

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