Budapest, July 6 (MTI) – Tokaj, Balaton, Budapest and Sopron are to be treated as priority areas in the government’s tourism development strategy, the daily Magyar Idők said on Wednesday.

The Hungarian Tourism Agency told the paper that the development of hotels and tourist attractions would be based on a unified strategy in order to boost the country’s attractiveness and the competitiveness of players in the sector.


The goal at a later stage is to reduce taxes on the sector as well as provide targeted subsidies for tourism development, the agency told the paper.

Source: MTI

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  1. A really great and fairly cheap country for Tourism.
    Some of the most Hospitable people and the best food you will ever find.
    Some really great wines and the Palinka is good too but go easy on it as it
    will sneak up on you and knock you an your ass.
    You will also find some of the most beautiful, very feminine ladies, a young single man might not want to leave.
    Once you visit Hungary, i’m sure you will want to return !

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