Budapest, May 4 (MTI) – A plan by the European Commission reported by the Financial Times to charge member states that refuse to receive migrants 250,000 euros per migrant is “hair-raising”, the government spokesman said on Wednesday.

Zoltán Kovács told public radio Kossuth that the fee amounted to “blackmail”.

In a separate interview to public news channel M1, Kovács said the government wants to prevent migrants from coming to Europe illegally. Unless they are genuinely in need of protection, they should not set foot in Europe, he added. According to Kovács, the government’s so-called Schengen 2.0 proposal serves this aim, and an increasing number of people support it.

The real line of division in Europe runs between those who obey the common border protection rules and those who don’t, he said.

The government wants a Europe where strong member states can make decisions on issues that affect them such as with whom they want to live in the future. This is why a referendum on the mandatory migrant quota is more timely than ever and its result would be impossible for the EU to neglect, he said.


  1. Well, it was ALWAYS thought that the ‘pink poodles’ in Brussels had their brains in their arses.

    Now it is a proven fact !

  2. From a Canadian Journalist.Uk based.This is yet another example of the complete democratic deficit of the Eu Commission. While the crawl their way around a vicous Turkish anti democratic dictatorship run by a paranoic President Erdogan and his regime.Merkel and her fellow travellers are going to destroy the Eu.
    Ignoring every basic so._called societal norms that Erdogan trashes daily the Eu commission now proposes to punish Eu states for defending their own cultural integraty and history. The only defense Europe has is basically the VISEGRAD group To put it very bluntly=Germany has tried to destroy Europe twice in modern history_this third attempt to “CHANGE THE FACE OF EUROPE” to quote Merkel is far more insidious and dangerous because is going to change the very basis of Europe.The complacency of some Eu politicians could be LETHAL to all of us.

  3. Hungary/ Visegrad 4 (+ more to come) will look at the feasibility of the current EU Cameleon membership and decide if they want to go further with the current Cameleon arrangement. There is no way Central Europe is going to pay Mafia fees to a ridiculous horde of imbeciles. They’d rather let them dig themselves (West) into their own holes. Central European countries will most likely be running the business of governing in the near future with a small group of western cities, Not the EC.

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