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Budapest, December 17 (MTI) – With the birth of a third child, parents will receive a one-off payment of 10 million forints (EUR 32,000) and can apply for a 10 million forint loan as part of new family policies unveiled by the government.

The idea of the family home creation allowance (CSOK) announced on Wednesday is to develop a flexible family support system, the government spokesman told public news channel M1 on Thursday.

Zoltan Kovacs said the “gyed extra” maternity benefit — which provides benefits to fulltime workers — will be paid when a child is six months old instead of at 12 months, enabling parents to return to work sooner.

Additionally, if at least five families demand a creche, localities will have to provide one from next year. So far only towns with more than ten thousand residents had to provide facilities for baby care.


  1. Excellent idea!! They should get the same for a fourth and fifth too!! One requirement should be that the kids are brought up and fluent in Hungarian language and culture too. Nobody should have a problem with that unless there migrants…

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