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Government official: Belgian Prime Minister’s ‘quota threat’ highlights stake of election

Government official: Belgian Prime Minister’s ‘quota threat’ highlights stake of election

The Belgian prime minister’s recent “threat” in connection with migrant quotas highlights the biggest stake of the spring election: whether or not Hungary will become an “immigrant country”, a government official said on Sunday.

“Too many people have fought for our culture and freedom for us to give them up now,” Csaba Dömötör, parliamentary state secretary of the prime minister’s office, told public Kossuth Radio.

Dömötör reacted to comments by Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel who had told Belgian news site Le Soir last weekend that Visegrád countries that “refuse to act in solidarity [with the rest of the EU] are being given an ultimatum“. Unless they come to a consensus on the matter at the European Council heads of government by June this year, the debate will be decided by a majority, Michel said.

What makes the stakes of the election a bit more clear is that the position of Hungary’s opposition parties is known, Dömötör said, adding that “practically the entire opposition is pro-migration and pro-subservience”.


Dömötör said the Belgian prime minister’s comments proved that the EU plans to start implementing its mandatory migrant relocation scheme by the summer. He said the EU wanted to enforce the scheme “over the heads of the Visegrád Group countries”. This also means that the EU “is applying a new level of pressure”, he said, arguing that Brussels was now “openly threatening the V4 countries and those that don’t want to hear about migrant quotas”.

Dömötör said the debate in the EU about migrant quotas had entered a critical phase. The proposal currently on the agenda is far more dangerous [than the previous one] because it would introduce a migrant relocation scheme without an upper limit, he insisted.

“This is out of the question,” the state secretary said. “Several national consultation surveys and a referendum have demonstrated beyond doubt that Hungarians don’t even want to hear about this.

And the government must heed the will of the Hungarian people.”

Dömötör said that Hungary’s only chance to kill the migrant quota scheme would come in the European Council, arguing that the European Parliament had already approved it and the European Council was looking to follow suit. He said that this was why it was “no accident” that the Belgian prime minister was trying to issue an ultimatum.

On the topic of the UN’s draft document on migration, Dömötör said the reason why the United Nations’ positions were important was because its resolutions serve as points of reference for other international organisations. In other words, the UN’s resolutions could make their way into European legislative proposals, he said. One of the many reasons why he said the UN’s draft document on migration was dangerous, was that it viewed the right to resettlement as a basic right. According to the document, people could live wherever they choose and the countries of the world would just have to accept this, Dömötör said.

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  1. mayoralee

    Perfect example of EU “DEMOCRACY”.

  2. Piscosszem

    What a shit show. Toss the baby out with the bath water, because migrants want to come and live in your world.
    Let’s all take cyanide, and move aside for the migrants. NOT!!

  3. edward

    Wish I could see the Germans crush the Belgians and give them an ultimatum. Just another crap country that likes to harbour terrorists and puff out its chest like it has accomplished something. Frances sewer.

  4. Sander Driessen

    It would be a good thing if Charles Michel will pay attention to the Brussel district Molenbeek where people can not walk free on the pavement. They will be attacked because they walk in self created ‘No-Go zones’ where Sharia law is introduced and where people with a different religion will be attacked or even been killed. We have seen that happened and still politicians look away. What you do not see can not be there!
    I am sorry to mention that Belgium is a champion in placing people without brains in high positions. See Verhofstadt, van Rompuy and many others. They have created a mess in their country and up to now there still is a battle between Flanders and Wallonia.
    This is an example how things can turn bad if a country is created by politicians, like it was in Yugoslavia.

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