According to Magyar Nemzet, this sum was deposited on Arab and Asian bank accounts. Furthermore, a Hungarian citizen who might know details about the issue is in the US Federal Witness Protection Program. Though FBI briefed Hungarian authorities about the issue, nobody travelled there from Hungary to interrogate him. The number of news regarding strange financial issues concerning the government is increasing lately.

Havala: the channel to get EU-funds out of the country?

In fact, FBI suspects that the incredible amount of money was withdrawn from banks controlled by the government like MKB. According to the scheme, the money (millions of EUR) was exchanged for diamonds. Then couriers – like the man in the US protection program – took the gems abroad and deposited them in Middle-Eastern and Singaporean bank accounts. To do so

they used the parallel bank system of the Arabic world (havala).

According to the information of MN, gems replace money in the system. Thus, they have a fixed price which does not depend on the place where they were bought. Of course, a transactional fee has to be paid. As a result, huge amounts of money can be easily moved through borders without an electronic trace.

The route of diamonds is hard to follow.

Though MN asked MKB how many times a cash withdrawal was more than 250,000 EUR in the last few years, they have not got an answer yet.

The Hungarian authorities do not want to investigate

The Americans suspect that part of

the money came back to Hungary later through strawmans.

They bought palaces, luxury hotels and other real estates in the country. This illegal practice disturbs the American authorities since international terrorism is financed through such channels, especially havala. Thus, they try to exterminate the method by all means.

According to MN, based on the confession of the Hungarian citizen the American authorities asked for investigation regarding the issue. However, the Hungarian authorities responded that they did not find anything indicating a crime. Furthermore,

the Hungarian authorities did not want to interrogate

him in the US even though he is on Interpol’s list of wanted persons because of money laundering.

According to MN, one of their colleagues personally met the suspected witness in the US. However, he did not want to answer their questions.

Last June Átlátszó wrote that the Chief Prosecution Office of the Capital, Budapest proposed the extradition of several Hungarian citizens to the US because of money laundering and fraud.

In spite of the related court decision nobody was extradited.

According to MN, it was vetoed by the Ministry of Justice.

MN added that based on American information, they contributed in taking out EU-allowances from Hungary and hiding it in empty flats in Vienna. The amount was between 5-6M and 2 bn EUR. If that was so, it is understandable why Hungarian authorities do not want to let them out from the country.

The number of strange financial issues in connection with the government is growing

As we already reported, the number of fishy financial suspicions regarding the government is growing lately. For example, several ministers of the Orbán government were affected in the Pharaon-issue. Ghaith Pharaon, an individual charged with a list of crimes including aiding illegal migration, financing terrorist organisations and trafficking nuclear technology received tax breaks in Hungary. Furthermore, the intelligence services failed to find out that this individual was wanted on account of a long list of crimes. Finally,

PM Viktor Orbán himself had business relations with him through his family.

Strangely, the Lebanese businessman died in January 2017 after the scandal broke out.

Ghaith Pharaon

Weird things happened regarding Middle-Eastern and Asian relations, too. For example, the PM’s daughter negotiated energetics in Bahrein in 2016. Furthermore, government communications guru Árpád Habony travelled to Singapore in secret in 2017. Moreover, a couple of months later the PM himself followed him there on an official visit.

We reported about Minister Lajos Kósa’s interesting case

who was entrusted to buy government bonds for more than 4 bn EUR.

Szabó Gáborné claimed that she inherited this unbelievable sum after one of her German relatives. Though Kósa said that he just wanted to help the lady and never accepted any money, MN made public a notarial deed in which Mrs Szabó wanted to transfer 2.63M EUR as a gift to Kósa’s mother.

According to the most influential opposition party, Jobbik there is a link between Pharaon, the US entry ban scandal from 2014 affecting certain Hungarian individuals, why Donald Trump did not receive PM Viktor Orbán and Kósa’s 4 bn EUR which never existed. MP György Szilágyi added that

if the PM cannot clear himself he has to resign.



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