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Government spokesman Zoltán Kovács has hit back at Hillary Clinton’s criticism of British Prime Minister Theresa May over her Conservative Party’s rejection of the Sargentini report in the European Parliament last month.

“Hillary Clinton is a failed politician whose losing campaign was also financed by George Soros,” Kovács said on Twitter, reacting to an article in British tabloid the Daily Mirror on Clinton’s criticism of May “for siding with far-right Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán”.

According to the paper, the former first lady slammed May “for siding with a far-right leader who is accused of anti-Semitism and has called migrants ‘poison'”.

Clinton said the Tories had “come a long way from the party of Churchill” after their MEPs rejected the Sargentini report.

Kovács added that Clinton “represents Soros’s pro-immigration politics, and these are politics that were rejected at both the last Hungarian and American elections”.

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  1. Killary Clinton is by far the most dangerous ‘woman’ in this planet. She is supported by Schwartz György, who has adopted an artistname Soros George. Under the cover of progressivism and liberalism, theories of many minorities have found their way to publicity. George Soros (real name is Schwartz György) is for them the most important financier. After the election of Trump, which he accused of wanting to destroy his project for an Open Society (at the same time the name of his infiltration organization active worldwide), he promised Trump to leave before the end of his current term of office. I regard the Trump government as a danger to the world. But I consider it a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020 or earlier, said Soros after his performance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he tried to influence the European institutions in Brussels with his ideas, which led to that an estimated 300 EU parliamentarians are influenced by its lobby! Schwartz ‘forgets’ that he is already 88 years young and that humanly speaking he has booked a single trip rather than Donald Trump. Anyone who dreams of a unipolar world in which the US dominates the world actively tries to prevent the United Kingdom from leaving the EU by giving financial injections to a group of influential British politicians who seek the results of the 1st referendum by means of a second referendum they want. in which the British population voted to cancel a Brexit. All means in this ‘war’ are allowed, such as e.g. an estimated $ 500 million funding to help so-called migrants enter Europe, in addition to financing conflicts organized by many NGOs in Africa and Ukraine. Add to this the collective hysteria of American neofeminism, also funded by Soros, in which delusions of reality with accusations of rape are considered an unstoppable weapon to discredit a candidate for the Supreme Court who is Trump’s favorite . But on the other hand, this president who is interfering with the independence of the judiciary, something that should not be allowed.
    Apart from Russia, only the 4 Visegrád countries with the Hungary of Victor Orbán in Europe have been able to cope with these attacks for the time being. But the pressure from Brussels, where Soros has its own lobby office and is a child at home and was even privately received by the EU committee chairman Jan Kloot Druncker behind closed doors, seriously questions the way in which the EU reaches decisions that the events certainly after 2015 have shown to be detrimental to the entire European society. But for the time being, there are in fact no government leaders in Europe who, apart from Orbán, dare to openly express themselves for their anti-Soros attitude. A noteworthy fact is the interview that the Hungarian Minister of Justice Trócsány gave to the German newspaper Welt and in which he publicly stated that the Hungarian government wants to prevent Hungary from following the fate of many Western European countries, referring to the fact that the EU also tries to force Hungary to include sub-Saharan and Islamic ‘refugees’. He is a champion of solidarity, provided he is not forced by, among other things, the ideas of a single man, Satan Soros.

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