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The government on Wednesday submitted its beefed-up “Stop Soros” bill, which covers the conditions by which migration support organisations may operate and a tax on donations made to those NGOs among other measures.

The bill requires a two-thirds majority to pass.

Earlier today, Bence Tuzson, the government communications state secretary, told public radio that “a couple of opposition” lawmakers were likely to vote for the government bill.

Noting the results of an earlier public survey on the issue of the “Soros Plan”, the preamble to the draft law says the bill reflects the desire of Hungarians for strong border protections and steps to be taken against organisations that aid “illegal migration”. The body of the text merely refers to groups organising migration.

The government said its “significantly stricter” version of the bill concerned the clause that obliges organisations that “promote migration” to register their activities.

They must seek the interior minister’s permission to organise, support or fund migration, and the national security implications of their request will be taken into account.

Justice ministry state secretary Pál Völner said the clause in the law tying support for migration to the obtainment of ministerial permission requires an amendment to Hungary’s national security law. He said organisations will have the option of appealing the minister’s decision on procedural grounds.

If an organisation supports, funds or organises migration without permission, it will be given a warning by the public prosecutor to cease its activities and its tax number will be suspended, Völner said. If the organisation in question still fails to heed the prosecutor’s warning, it will receive a fine of up to 1.8 million forints (EUR 5,770), he said. If it still refuses to comply, the organisation will face legal action which could end with its dissolution as an NGO in Hungary.

The clause in the bill requiring migration-support organisations to pay a 25 percent tax on donations received from abroad has been left intact

but under the amended bill, this would not apply to organisations that “do not use those donations for such purposes”.

The third element of the “Stop Soros” bill would give the interior minister the power to set up an 8km exclusion zone running along the country’s borders with a view to keeping entities away from the border “whose stay or activity in Hungary is in contravention of the national security interests of Hungary or endangers the public interest”.

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  1. It is and it remains a strange and undesirable thing that a person from the United States of America interferes with matters that do not concern him.
    This person has almost brought the United Kingdom to bankruptcy by speculations with inside information.
    This shameless person is worshiped as a God by various ‘leaders’ in Europe and they do everything to please him.
    This person, who was born in Hungary and who would have to show a lot of compassion with his old homeland, turns out to be a dictator who always wants to be right. Sometimes he literally buys his ‘right’.
    This person knows better than anyone else that many people and politicians are very much interested in money, preferably as much as possible.
    This person has created a tsunami of refugees for non-existing wars across our continent. The word refugee can safely be replaced by parasite, rapist and murderer.
    Hungary was the first EU Member State to see why this all happened and, to the great displeasure of Soros and his companions in Brussels, closed its borders.
    Hungary even built double gates to protect not only their own country but also the other European countries. More and more people have a lot of sympathy for the Orbán government that is fighting for all of us.
    Hungary experienced enough misery in the last century and wants peace and quiet in the country.
    All measures taken by Hungary (had to take!) have cost a lot of money and still cost a lot of money. The saying ‘the polluter pays’ is very normal and this certainly applies to Soros and his companions in Brussels. This applies not only to every decent, hard-working European but certainly to people like Soros. This can happen under the message ‘Stop Soros’ and this is a clear message.
    It is advisable if Hungary prepares an invoice for all costs and costs still to be incurred and to send it to Soros with the urgent message to pay the claim within 14 days of the invoice date. If not, Hungary can issue an international request for the arrest of Soros with an extradition of this person.
    The term of imprisonment depends on Soros’s willingness to pay the bill, otherwise he will no longer leave prison alive because of his age. But that is his choice, not that of the Hungarian government.

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