Whereas Hungary’s economy is expected to grow by five percent this year, it is strongly linked to economies of other European Union member states, many of which are experiencing a slowdown, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office said on Thursday. So the government is planning a second economic protection action plan to be implemented early next year, he said.

The plan aims to minimise the impact of negative external economic developments on Hungary, he said at a regular press briefing, without going into the details of specific measures.

Meanwhile, Gulyás said the government does not back a congestion charge in Budapest, adding that the current plans were half-baked. On the possible ban on diesel cars from the capital, he suggested the Mayor of Budapest and his team should resist making conflicting statements on the matter.

On the topic of a proposal to build an athletics stadium to cater for the World Athletic Championships in 2023, he said unless a decision is made by December at the latest, the event cannot be held in Budapest.

The government, he added, supports the event which would involve creating the largest green investment in Budapest. This would be in the interest of both the country and the capital, he said.

Asked about reports of a dearth of teachers in Hungary, Gulyás said that on the basis on OECD data, there was no such shortage. He said it was in the government’s interest for the education system to work properly and it was prepared to cooperate with “anyone” to ensure this.

Meanwhile, he said there was a shortage of staff in government offices in Budapest and Pest County, and the government was working strenuously to address the problem.

Source: MTI

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