Budapest, February 10 (MTI) – Details of how the government intends to change laws with a view to addressing the threat of terrorism will be revealed on Feb. 15, the ruling Fidesz party’s parliamentary group leader said in an interview to the Wednesday issue of Magyar Idők.

The package is being drafted by the interior ministry and precise details cannot be divulged until the process is completed by next Monday, Lajos Kósa said, adding that it appeared the opposition will not back the government’s proposal to change the fundamental law in a bid to give the authorities more wide-ranging powers to act in the case of a terrorist threat.

“The examples of Paris, Germany, Sweden show that we must prepare for a terrorist threat and mass rape now rather than when the problems are already occurring,” Kósa said. “Our country still has a period of time in which we can prepare for using all possible means to protect the people,” he said, adding, “it looks like we cannot count on the opposition in connection with amending the constitution.”

Photo: MTI


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