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Human Resources Minister Miklós Kásler and Zsolt Nyitrai, the prime minister’s commissioner for key welfare issues, greeted Hungary’s district nurses in a video released on Saturday, on the occasion of District Nurses Day.

In the video, Nyitrai thanked some 5,000 Hungarian staff members in the sector for their contribution to efforts against the coronavirus pandemic, with special regard to their services during the vaccination drive.

Kásler said that district nurses had “a special place in healthcare by virtue of their helpfulness, compassion, and high professional skills”.

“As you have done everything for Hungarian children and families, so the Hungarian government will do everything for you,” the minister said.

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In the Video, Orsolya Lőrinczi has talked about the profession of district nurses and has said that it has been around for 106 years and that it is a profession honoured like a hungarikum.

Also, the qualification and education of Hungarian district nurses are quite high and they have a wide range of tasks. They are also almost entirely unique to Hungary with a few exceptions, like Finland.

District nurses not only help children and pregnant women, but they are caring for the entire family. Some are assigned to schools and are there to give first aid, conduct screenings and also help with sexual education.

“This profession can only be pursued with dedication,” – Orsolya Lőrinczi added.

Június 13. a védőnők napja

Június 13. a védőnők napja. Áldozatos munkájukat megbecsüljük, aminek jeleként 2022-ig négy lépcsőben emeljük a bérüket.

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  1. Vastly UNDERPAID, They deserve better, anyone who cares for the sick and infirm NEEDS to be sat upon the Highest Pedestal and rewarded both Financially and benevolently.

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