In 2016, everyone had the possibility to send in their vision about a brand-new Gellért Hill and Citadel in Budapest. From the middle of the 19th century, no other Hungarian place has had more renovation plans than Gellért Hill because of the complexity of its location and the hardships of renovating.

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Origo reported that three years ago, all the plans sent in were about making Gellért Hill, especially the Citadel, a special lookout point in Budapest. Moreover, a museum, a visitors’ centre, and even a hotel could be built next to the iconic site of the capital, with additional transport – mostly trams – to make the hill easily accessible for everyone. Furthermore, sports locations would be strengthened in the location of Gellért Hill for people in the future. 

The committee, which oversees the renovation of Gellért Hill, chose the three best plans to be sold to investors. 

Gellért Hill, Budapest, Statue of Liberty, Hungary

One of the plans would like to make the Citadel a National Pantheon, commemorating all the great Hungarian heroes. Another one would build a place inside the building for Hungarian kings, placing their symbolic sarcophagus inside the building. The outside of the Citadel would also get a brand-new look with a similar structure as Bálna Budapest has on the other side of the Danube. The top of the building would be an observation tower while the Statue of Liberty would get a giant sun-disk behind it to light up the statue.

One of the plans would build stairs on the sides of the Citadel with waterfalls and benches to sit on admiring the beautiful panorama of Budapest. Furthermore, the idea of a swimming pool in front of the statue was also mentioned.

Citadella, Budapest, Hungary
Citadella, Budapest, Gellért Hill, Hungary

Other ideas include building an elevator which would take people to the top of the Citadel from the legs of the hill, an underground train between the top of Gellért Hill and Rudas Thermal Bath, a funicular – similar to the Buda Castle Hill Funicular -, and even slides taking you down to ground level. The committee emphasised that many exciting and marvellous plans came in about the renovation of one of the most famous points of Budapest, and all of them are incomparable.

Citadella, Hungary, Gellért Hill, Budapest
Citadella, Hungary, Budapest

The committee added that the complex renovation project and plans are not available just yet, but the portfolios that were sent in would allow them to collect great ideas and visions together. 

HVG reported that once the plans arrive, the renovation of the Citadel and the area of Gellért Hill would be the government’s number one priority as the area is a historic and well-known location not just for Hungarians but for all tourists around the world. 

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Renovating the Buda Castle and its historical area continues

The Eastern part of the Buda Castle Hill is an ideal place for nice walks and admiring nature and the beautiful view of Budapest. Last year, due to the National Hauszmann Program, the unique Ellyps Promenade’s first part was successfully renovated, and this year, the second part would be completely ready.



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