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Salgótarján, 2018. november 14. Talajmenti pára és füst Salgótarjánban 2018. november 14-én. A Nemzeti Népegészségügyi Központ elõzõ napi tájékoztatása szerint több településen romlott a levegõ minõsége, öt városban egészségtelennek minõsítették a levegõt a szálló por (PM10) magas koncentrációja miatt, további tizenhat településen kifogásolt volt a levegõ minõsége. MTI/Komka Péter

The green opposition LMP party has demanded the government take action to reduce air pollution.

LMP lawmaker Péter Ungár told a press conference on Sunday that

Hungary’s air pollution data were “dramatic”.

The European Union has started a related infringement procedure against Hungary, he noted.

WHO data suggests that Hungary ranks 17th from last in terms of air pollution, while China is seventh. Budapest has the least square meters of green space per person in the European Union, he added.

Ungár said expanding green areas could be a solution to the city’s pollution problem but districts under the ruling Fidesz party were going in the opposite direction.

LMP has contacted the relevant ministries and government offices with a request for the relevant data in the public interest. The party also plans to carry out its own air pollution tests, he said.

As we wrote a week ago, the air quality in the cities of Budapest, Kecskemét and Nyíregyháza has deteriorated to unhealthy levels, a post on the chief medical officer’s Facebook page said. Read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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