The Hungarian election was one of the highlights of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, reports The comedian called Prime Minister Viktor Orbán a right-winged populist who could easily be called a dictator, but the Juncker slap and the famous joke party’s Kétfarkú Kutya Párt [Two-tailed Dog Party] chicken interview also came up during the show.

HBO’s series called Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has been on the air since 2014. It is an American late-night talk and news satire television show hosted by English comedian John Oliver. The show focuses on current events, news, public life and societal problems not only in the United States but from all over the globe. On the show’s Sunday episode (8 April), John Oliver spent almost five minutes discussing (and ruthlessly criticising) the Hungarian election and Orbán’s victory that took place on the same day.

The comedian called Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán a right-winged populist who might as well be called a dictator.

He recalled the infamous occasion when President of the European Commission, Luxemburgish Jean-Claude Juncker greeted Orbán as a dictator to his face, in public, then he served Orbán with a playful slap on the face during an EU summit back in 2015. According to John Oliver, calling Orbán a dictator to his face was “absolutely amazing.”

The English talk show host also talked about Jobbik’s anti-Semitic past and how left-winged parties were willing to support Jobbik “out of a sheer spite of Orbán.” The many fake parties that emerged before the election, and the popular joke party Kétfarkú Kutya Párt [Two-tailed Dog Party] also came up.

You can check out Last Week Tonight’s YouTube channel here, and watch the segment about the Hungarian election below.

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  1. John Oliver, you are a misserable,stinking rat. You know absolutely nothing about Hungary, so go bury your lousy head and leave Hungary alone.

  2. I don’t know where the writer came up with half of America laughs, when this buffoon averages 1 million viewers. And who cares what a jack ass thinks.

  3. Is this America again that is cheating everybody? If you want to change the world, well start by yourself, you ‘comedian’ named John Oliver.
    I am sick and tired of all these extreme left comedians who are still having tears in their eyes because of the loss in 2016 of their ‘queen’ Killary Clinton. Please place this figure in an institution where he will be treated well, I hope.

  4. Hungarians used to have critical thinking skills, and used to stand up for what is right. All their best thinkers and athletes left a long time ago. Left behind are uneducated rednecks and manipulative religious nuts, oppressing the last remains of an intellectual minority and the old folks, who were conditioned by communism to be passive aggressive. Hungary has nothing to offer. Her traditional culture is faked and monetized for tourist dollars, while ignoring the very ideals and motivations behind it. It’s now the European equivalent of Iowa, a Trump-ish shithole, both politically — and if have a relief map (look at it), geographically! A flyover state with delusional self importance and grandeur. John Oliver highlighted what’s wrong with you lot, and even what is right (the enduring Szekely-ish sense of humor of those who feel helpless under Orban’s oppression). Thankfully, there isn’t much significance to what Hungary is doing.

  5. Oliver knows fuck all
    Lives in America where Kinder eggs are banned but you can buy a weapon from Walmart???
    Keep your nose out of Hungary ..
    Viktor defends the borders to protect Christianity
    NO bombings or suicide bollocks going on here … thanks
    As for Jean-Claude Juncker … complete wanker as are the rest of the EU bureaucrats dictators

  6. Well, thank you, Mr. Oliver, for proving you have no grasp on the issues plaguing central Europe. The puedo-Russian accent was truly top notch. Sounded just like my Hungarian mother! I was also happy for the comedian’ s language lesson in which I learned a chicken must only speak English!

  7. – Dictatorship?? Questions Democracy?? Over 70%(greatest showing) at the polls with no arguement over rigged ballots?
    – 4th term in office?? I believe he’s in his third term.
    – Against immigration??? Not, he’s against Illegal immigration/ Econo-tourists/ ISIS terrorists.
    – Jean Claude Drunker??? No comment!!
    – Commies willing to join JOBBIK? It failed, so what, and who cares…
    – John Oliver, a comedian??? That’s the biggest joke in the story yet!

  8. Hey Kot,
    Did you ever give back the money to the people you took from the election fund scam?

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