Half of Hungarian consumers have experienced discrepancies in the quality of identically-branded food products sold in western Europe and Hungary, a recent survey shows.

Most of the discrepancies were found in confectionery products, dairy products and soft drinks, according to the survey conducted by the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) released by the farm ministry on Monday.

Fully 97 percent of the survey’s respondents who saw a difference found western European products imported by Hungary to be of inferior quality than identical products available in western Europe. Altogether 80 percent said they expect food products sold internationally to contain the same ingredients everywhere and any discrepancy between identically-branded products to be made clear to consumers whenever this is not the case.

The ministry said the results of the survey supported the government’s related measures, noting that the government had turned to the European Commission over the issue of food quality. The ministry noted that it had put together a draft legislation that would require food companies to disclose on packaging discrepancies between identically-branded products on different national markets. The EC is currently reviewing the proposal as it is the body legally authorised to act in the matter, the ministry noted.

Nébih’s representative survey was carried out in May and sampled some 1,000 people.

Photo: Daily News Hungary

Source: MTI

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