Research workers of the Hungarian Horticultural Propagation Material Non-Profit Ltd. (MKNSZ) have introduced a new variety of sour cherry, reports The especially healthy fruit is the result of Hungarian improvements. It has got the name Pipacs 1 and turned out to be rich in antioxidants and melatonin. It can be the next speciality among superfoods.

Pipacs 1 is the new superfood

Superfoods are more and more popular in Hungary too, but what are they? Superfoods are those food-products which have high nutritional values. This means that they are rich in, for example, vitamins and minerals, thus having a great influence on the healthy functioning of the human body. Pipacs 1 can be regarded as a superfood, as it is outstanding among both stone-fruits and berry fruits. Its contains more antioxidants than any other fruit.


The improvement of fruits is a time-consuming process. New varieties do not appear from day to day. Scientists need about 10-15 years for the improvement and another 10-15 years to make the results accepted. Only after these processes can the new varieties be introduced in the market. Therefore, the researchers’ efforts bear fruit only after some long-long years – according to Zoltán Kasztovszky, managing director of MKSZN.

Success in Hungarian agriculture

According to its website, MKSZN has fifteen different varieties of sour cherry at the moment, but these are not the only species they cultivate. In fact, their supply ranges from stone-fruits to berry fruits, and even contain several varieties of rose. They provide not only a huge amount of plants and seeds, but also researches which contribute to the innovations and development of Hungarian agriculture.

The gathering of the new variety is taking place in the premises of MKSZN these days. The introduction of Pipacs 1 in the market has just begun, which means that, in a few years’ time, this Hungarian wonder fruit may appear in the Hungarian stores. Moreover, as it is especially rich in melatonin, it may also become a basic element of beauty-care products. Thus, in addition to the food industry, it will also be saleable in the cosmetics industry.

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