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The African-Hungarian Union’s (AHU) latest medical mission in the city of Mbale, in East Uganda, wasn’t the last step in the Ugandan relief program. writes that the Hungarian volunteer doctors didn’t only take on free healing during the one month of their stay, but they also made measurements and collected data about the local medical situation.

uganda2According to their measurements, the conditions are quite tragic. Even though governmental programs achieved some improvement in medical care, countryside regions still struggle because of the lack of doctors despite the adequate doctor training. In favor of precise organization and effective assistance, AHU tries to cooperate closely with Ugandan organizations and associations.

As the first corporate step, AHU handed over 230 pairs of rubber boots in Mbale to the workers of the local Village Health Team (VHT). The group of volunteers and medical workers, known for their disease preventing activities in villages close to the city, teach countrymen things that are matter of course for Europeans, like how to prevent diseases with the boiling of water or how important the recycling and disposal service of rubbish are. They keep in touch with the dwellers of villages without roads and give immunization to them. They also play a very important role in the fight against malaria, as the vicinal dwellers are usually the “village goers” meaning that they easily have a talk with everyone and report authentic information.

ugandaThe boots given and supported by AHU will be a big help in the currently very rainy season for the local zone chiefs, who many times cover 20-30 kilometers a day as part of their job. This could even mean the saving of thousands of lives.

Locals were utterly happy with the boots, and they can’t thank enough for the care that they receive from the Hungarians. The African-Hungarian Union always aims to get the most sufficient help to the concerned directly.


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