If you are interested in a coffee that will warm your soul and want others to benefit from your caffeine addiction, then check out our list. Because Budapest can boast itself on more than having three of the best cafés in the world, many of the most heart-warming cafés are also here.

Empathy Café & Bistro

Let us start with the latest: the Empathy Café & Bistro opened just last week, divany.hu reports. The café was established by the Hungarian Red Cross and is located in the former garage of the Red Cross headquarters, near Arany János Street.

You could already know from the reconstruction works that this is going to be something different, as they employed homeless people to help out, providing them a way to return to work. The café opened on the 6th of August, with goals to support the Red Cross, call our attention to important issues such as consciousness and to offer high quality Hungarian food and beverages. For example if you buy a bottle of wine from Hungarian Laposa Birtok here, you support the Red Cross with 100 Forints.

Moreover, the café is very environmentally conscious, trying their best to reduce their ecological footprint.

So, for example, they almost completely gave up on using plastic, and instead of bottled water, you can get filtered one. And left-overs are forwarded with the help of Budapest Bike Maffia to those in need.

Little packages of goodies with quotes of famous people. Photo: facebook.com/empathycafe/

The building also has wheelchair access and they keep the needs of blind and deaf people in mind too. If you enter with your dog, then do not be surprised to get some extra water for him. The café houses a communal library, with books offered by famous people, who also wrote their thoughts about empathy on the first pages.

Nem Adom Fel! – Never Give Up

The Nem Adom Fel or Never Give Up Café & Bar was the first Café in Budapest to be founded and run by people with special needs.

According to their webpage, their crew consists of many colourful and versatile personalities, who exemplify the typical “Never Give Up” spirit, meaning they have the power and the ability always to give their best. They participate in most tasks that are part of the Café’s life, serving guests, preparing events with a happy smile. Thus the Café offers an alternative understanding workplace for the disabled, where they can work and form meaningful relationships.

The crew of Nem Adom Fel Café. Photo: facebook.com/nemadomfelkavezo/

“The Never Give Up Cafe & Bar was born through the cooperation of the Never Give Up Social Cooperative, which provides the catering activities, and the Never Give Up Foundation, which owns the property, helps to organize the programs in the Cafe, and works to train and employ people with disabilities” stands on their website. And what programs, you might ask? Well, Never Give Up Café regularly hosts film clubs, writer-reader meetings and concerts.

You can always count on warm greeting and some delicious meals here!

Premier Kultcafé

Last but not least, let’s mention the Premier Kultcafé, with their unique “Maci Kávézó” (“Teddy bear Café”). This place offers not only coffee and books for their guests but you can also see teddy bears here on the arches. They are the toys of famous people, offered for the charity auctions of the Adopt a Teddy Foundation. Thanks to the Foundation part of the staff consists of people with disabilities here, so you support their employment by buying your coffee here.

The crew of Premier Kultcafé with some of the teddies. Photo: facebook.com/premier.kultcafe/

The menu is always expanding, and you can get premium quality sandwiches, salads, bakery products and Cserpes products here,

including paleo, vegan and gluten-free options.

We hope that your choices of cafés widened with our list. Make sure to check out all three of them to choose your favourite.

Featured image: facebook.com/empathycafe

Source: divany.hu, facebook.com

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