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Ferenc Visilics – former ecologist – has started a sausage business two months ago. He has already won several food competitions and Finnish people love his exotic and spicy Hungarian sausages, index.hu wrote.

After his research has concluded (and no longer had the luxury of a scholarship to back him up), he decided to stay in Finland, where he has already started a family.

Visilics won a sausage stuffing competition in Helsinki – leaving all the Finnish competitors behind. His winner sausage was a spicy one with paprika, but he makes all sorts of wonderful things such as the Moroccan merguez, the Italian salsiccia, the Mexican chorizo, beef sausages with fig, the Polish kiełbasa, but he is looking forward to the moose and reindeer season as well.  

Feri’s Sausages (the official name of the company) fills a hole in the Finnish market: although they love having BBQs, they do not really have sausages that are suitable for grilling; but there’s a great demand for foreign countries’ foods.  

First, Visilics tried himself out in home competitions, but as people kept coming he finally founded his own company in July. Most of his sausages are transported to local organic food shops and flashmob-markets – one order can vary from 0.5 kg to 60 kg.

Besides pork, a great variety of sausages can be found at Feri’s Sausages – lamb, beef, chicken, pheasant and partridge. The newest invention is fish sausage. According to Visilics, it takes a great amount of time to find the right ratios, no matter what kind of sausage one makes.

What is the most important thing, he says, to use high quality materials and ingredients. It’s easy to learn how to make sausages – it takes about an hour – but after that, you have to shape the sausage to you own liking; and it also takes time.

Visilics’s sausages are not only hand made, but contain no preservatives, except regular salt. Compared to the ones available in supermarkets and shops, these are truly organic.

According to Visilics, if a Hungarian makes an order at Feri’s Sausages, there’s a 99% chance that they are going to ask for the typical Hungarian one. By contrast, Finnish people love variety, and always try new things, and although they usually do not use strong flavoured seasoning, and the Hungarian sausages are just one among the many flavours, but they very popular.

translated by Adrienn Sain
based on an article of index.hu

Source: http://index.hu/kultur/eletmod/2015/09/08/racuppantak_a_finnek_a_magyar_kolbaszra_helsinkiben/

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