A few weeks ago, a Hungarian social media site called Hundub was launched, which seeks to provide an alternative shelter to users who, according to the creators of the new portal, are tired of incomprehensible blocking and inconsistent censorship. Although the platform seeks to offer an alternative to and defines itself against Facebook, registrants face a weak copy of Zuckerberg’s creation.

As HVG and tested the social media site, they concluded that anyone can become a member with a fake e-mail address in about two minutes, without any kind of verification, and can navigate immediately as the creators essentially copied the look of the largest social media site, as well as the basic functions of the platform.

“We understand that Facebook wants to dominate everything, but we believe in free competition. Our message to the accusers is the following: neither Orbán nor Soros is behind us. We want to run Hundub on our own with community funding.

We are Hungarian civilians who do not want to be public figures, but who do our best to build a Hungarian social network” explain the creators behind the project.

Although the idea of a social site that functions as an alternative to Facebook is not unbelievable at all, Hundub in its current form seems nothing more than a clone that wants to recruit registered users by being “the flagship for freedom of speech”.

Moreover, the new Hungarian social network seems to have been released without any serious principles, adequate infrastructure and any kind of control, with a vague ownership background.

The money and intent behind Hundub is not yet clear, but the Hungarian character is not strengthened by the fact that one of the owners of Hundub Ltd. is an offshore company registered in Belize in July this year, Murmurati Limited. On the other hand, the reports find that the project was a complete failure of investment.

When almost all Hungarian internet users are active on Facebook, a service of the “same, only worse” nature cannot really compete.

Which of course doesn’t mean no one will use it.

You can check the page out for yourself HERE if you are interested!

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