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International air transport organisation Skytrax has announced the latest ranking of the world’s top airports based on surveys filled out by passengers around the globe during the 2017/2018 period. The Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport became the winner of the best Eastern European airport title for the 5th time in consecutive years which is the crowning achievement of the dedicated work of all the people working at the airport, report and

Skytrax is a prestigious London-based consultancy that annually sets up its list of the world’s best airports. The fact that the airport of Budapest became the best Eastern European airport for the 5th time is the result of the work of many people who make the constant development of the airport possible, emphasised Jost Lammers, Chief Executive Officer of the airport. Furthermore, he expressed his joy in the following way:

“I am extremely proud of the airport team since in the history of the Skytrax Award, there has been no precedent for an airport receiving this title in five consecutive years. Furthermore, it is only the icing on the cake that last year, the number of passengers augmented with two million people compared to the previous year. The Budapest Airport is one of the fastest developing airports in Europe, and besides the constant expansion, it is also capable of providing excellent services for passengers.”

As Kam Jandu, Chief Commercial Officer at Budapest Airport highlighted at the award ceremony in Stockholm: this honour is also great feedback to the airport indicating that the ongoing development extends the diversity of services offered to the passengers and provides good travelling experience to them.

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The increased passenger traffic witnessed in the last few years also justifies the need for the 5-year-long BUD 2020 airport development program launched to satisfy the growing demand.

An important part of this project is the construction of a 10,000 sqm passenger pier that is most probably going to be inaugurated in the summer of 2018.

Furthermore, 1,000 new parking spaces were constructed in the parking lot in the framework of the project, but the most visible improvement is undoubtedly the construction of 11 additional check-in desks and a new waiting room serving the comfort of passengers.

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In Eastern Europe, the Budapest Airport proved to be the best. It preceded airports such as that of Riga or Bucharest. However, it is important to note that Vienna, Prague and Warsaw, the most potent rivals of the Hungarian airport, are classified as Central European airports. Therefore, they did not compete with the Budapest Airport in the same category.

Check out the TOP 10 Eastern European airports:

  1. Budapest
  2. Tallinn
  3. Kiev Boryspil
  4. Bucharest
  5. Riga
  6. Belgrade
  7. Tbilisi
  8. Bratislava
  9. Sofia
  10. Skopje

In the global ranking, the Budapest Airport became the 90th best airport this year which is a setback compared to its 84th position in 2017. The absolute winner is the Changi Airport of Singapore similarly to last year. At 2nd place is the Incheon International Airport of Seoul while at 3rd place is the Haneda Airport of Tokyo.

However, the study also focused on other aspects including the best airport terminal, the shopping facilities offered for passengers, the quality of the airport staff service and the baggage delivery service.

In the best airport terminal category, the London Heathrow T2, the Munich T2 and the Changi T3 of Singapore were found to be the best. As far as shopping facilities are concerned, the London Heathrow Airport became the 1st, while the cleanest airport title was given to Haneda Airport in Tokyo. The best airport staff is working at the Incheon Airport of Seoul, and the baggage delivery service of the Kansai International Airport has had no counterpart during the 2017/2018 period.

In the current research involving 550 airports, altogether 13.73 million people participated, and the data were collected between August 2017 and February 2018. If you are interested in the final ranking of the best airports, you can check out the list on

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