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Large-scale renovation to begin at Budapest Airport‘s Terminal 2: the entire flooring is getting replaced, new furniture is coming, and the restrooms are also going to get renewed, reports The renewed Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B are expected to be ready by summer.

Entire flooring replaced

The dark grey flooring of the airport was built in the 1980’s, so millions of travellers have been abrading it for almost 40 years.

The entire flooring of Terminal 2A (3000 m2) will be replaced with a much brighter marbling.

The flooring around the boarding gates will be replaced as well, so they are trying to work as fast as possible, doing smaller segments at a time. The new flooring is expected to be finished by the end of May.

New furniture

The flooring is not the only thing that is being renewed, benches and chairs are getting replaced as well. Budapest Airport replaces the old benches and chairs located in Terminal 2A and the ones found in SkyCourt with newer and more comfortable ones.

Restroom renovation

Restrooms located in Terminal 2B will be renovated too.

According to, all of the restrooms in Terminal 2B will be renovated.

Moreover, at the SkyCourt gallery, an entirely new restroom unit will be built. Thus, Terminal 2B will not only be renovated, but it will be expanded as well. This means that there will be twice as many restrooms as there are now (there can never be too many restrooms).

Besides building a completely new restroom unit in SkyCourt, Budapest Airport will also get a new, significantly longer baggage belt for its passengers flying long-distance. The customs (NAV) area in Terminal 2B will be rebuilt as well.

There were no such large-scale renovations at Budapest Airport’s Terminal 2 for years. The present infrastructure of Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B will be both renovated and expanded in order to accommodate to passengers’ needs better.


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