tested the menu of a new place, Faszalade (it is a wordplay with saveloy in Hungarian). They did not expect that Faszalade will be one of the gastronomic sensation of 2015. There are no fat-soaked, too peppered sausages, and you won’t get biliary colic, if you eat everything.

Faszalade? Why?

Épater la bourgeoisie, of course, also played a role in choosing the name. Executive Director Csaba Sajben and Attila Kurucz, the owner, joked with that word at work. When the opening of the sausage restaurant realized, it was the only attending and playful name.

The Agencies have not been easy to convince, but the creator insisted.

“In our childhood, we visited enough pig-slaughtering to be aware of the tricks of sausage filling and making black puddings. We know the sausage supply of the supermarkets, the standard markets and a few butcher shops” – said. But when they tasted the sausages of Faszalade, they got to another dimension. What they are doing goes against the tradition.faszaládé

Csaba said they went their own way and did not want to meet everyone’s need. Anyway, he is the descendant of a sausage-making dynasty from Bekescsaba.

What did they eat?

Chicken with duck liver (light sausage without pepper) and with pear mustard.
Budapest sweet sausage and Budapest hot sausage with classic mustard.
Lemon pig (non-peppered sausage flavored with lemon peel, coriander, harissa spice mixture) with anchovy mayonnaise – at this point, the author said “fasza” (which means cool, and it refers to the name of the restaurant).
They also tasted the beef and lamb with red and yellow roasted beets.
Finally, the dessert: blood sausage. This is a real poem; bloody pate enriched with bacon, pine nuts and baked apple.

Even at the first bite, they realized how soft the sausages of Faszalade are and how homogeneous they appear to be in comparison with other products. The secret is they are made of another meat. Of course, it means that the proportion of cuts is much higher than usually.

At the seasoning, they ensure that not to use more a lot at once, up to 3 or 4. Usually, a basic spice dominates, although its taste does not overwhelm the others.

According to, there are changes of the formula in small steps so far, based on the feedbacks: more guests said that the spicy sausage could be a little spicier. They also said it was hard to eat soft sausages with chopsticks, and you could not puncture all of them without falling apart.kolbász

Who eat at Faszalade now? Those who work nearby, local residents, tourists and curious people. And there are people who heard about the opening and wanted to try it in any case; as the guest who traveled more than 100 kilometers.

Many believe only men eat sausage, but it is a huge mistake! “In the last few days, a lot of girls came and they liked the concept. On weekend, a whole company popped in to eat and drink Palinka before party. It was an interesting contrast when they ate sausages in their Saturday party outfit. Let’s just say, the 5th district is basically open-minded, busy, and the places adapt it,” Csaba said.

According to, it is a question whether Faszalade finds its frequenters, who can preserve the place.

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