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Hidden Creativity from middle of Budapest – VIDEO

Hidden Creativity from middle of Budapest – VIDEO

Mittersisters is the first DIY leather accessories workshop from the middle of Budapest.

When we first met with Róza Anna Mitter, we never heard about the “leather” industry and the fashion around it. It turned out to be very difficult for a fresh starter to find a place in this profession. And if we don’t want to follow the trends, then it is almost an impossible task. This is where the story of Róza became very interesting for us.

As a young designer, she decided not to create his own product line and dictate the fashion with her ideas, but instead, she uses her knowledge to teach laic people. This concept is very interesting, as the fashion and advertising industry is building on the complexes:

” You are not good enough in something, but if you get this…you’ll be more beautiful/ better/ smarter etc.”

Everybody is familiar with these sentences.

Róza is building on an adverse idea. She is helping people to learn the basics of creating leather accessories. After that, everybody can express his/her own personality embodied in an object. Thus creating something more personal, as these bags remind you of the joy of their creation. Not to mention, that these accessories are made from quality materials with hand, so they last longer.

Because of the unique experience, the accessories can’t get “old-fashioned”.

This is teaching her clients to an environmentally more sustainable approach in life. We find this very inspiring in the world of overpopulation and overconsumption.

Source: Aperti film

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