Danube Bend, Hungary, Visegrád
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Mahart PassNave Kft. will restart their scheduled ships on April 24 on the route of Visegrád-Nagymaros-Zebegény-Dömsöd-Nagymaros-Visegrád. The circle line will be followed by three additional ones in June, touching Szob and Verőce, too, as a novelty of this year.

Mahart PassNave Kft. fulfilled a desire of many by launching a scheduled hop-on-hop-off inspired ship trip last June in the Danube Bend area. As a test and as a substitute for some train lines, in coordination with MÁV (Hungarian State Railways), the company operated a free route between Nagymaros and Zebegény for a couple of days to help boost local transport. It was so successful that some days later, the company decided to launch this completely new cruise-like line in order to boost and serve tourism better.

The original route touching four different towns was quickly complemented by two new lines. A shorter one between Esztergom and Zebegény and a longer one starting from Szentendre and going through Leányfalu, Tahitótfalu and arriving in Visegrád.

The “cruise” became popular very soon among tourists, hikers and even locals. Thanks to its success, the longest

route of Visegrád-Nagymaros-Zebegény-Dömös-Nagymaros-Visegrád will be re-launched this Saturday, April 24.

Tickets are very affordable, writes turizmus.com. Passengers can buy a daily ticket that allows them to hop on or hop off the ship at any given port, interrupting their trip at any time.

Verőce – Facebook/I love Dunakanyar – Farkas Judit

Daily tickets cost only 1000 forints.

 In case we want to take a bike or our dog travels with us, an additional ticket of 500 forints respectively needs to be paid.

Travelling is free for children under the age of 2 and for students who have the Kajla-passport.

Nagymaros – Facebook/I love Dunakanyar 

To kick the season off, in April, scheduled ships only circulate on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 10AM and 14PM, leaving from Visegrád port. However, from May up until September, except for Monday, “cruises” will leave every single day and more frequently on the weekends.

Here is the timetable for April



















Starting from June, three additional routes will be launched in the Danube Bend.

Visegrád – Szvitek Péter

One of them is the already mentioned ride between Esztergom and Zebegény, but this time with touching Szob on the way. The second one is the already mentioned Szentendre-Leányfalu-Tahitótfalu-Visegrád line. Lastly, the newest route will circulate among the towns of Vác-Verőce-Visegrád. If we would like to try different routes on the same day, unfortunately, a new daily ticket has to be purchased for each line separately.

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As travelling on a river can be easily influenced by weather conditions, Mahart PassNave reserves the right to modify its schedules. Hence, the company advises passengers to make sure of the timetable before leaving home, either on their website or on their Facebook page.

The Danube Bend and the Citadel of Visegrád, photo: MTI
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