A fashionable gadget certainly has the price. But do you know how many hours you have to work to buy the latest iPhone? – hir24.hu asks.

The biggest attraction of the Apple phone is not its processor or even the number of pixels, but the “look I have an iPhone” factor. People simply just want it, mostly because it has the logo.

It is no coincidence that the current phone of Apple is often used as an index number in “well-being index” studies, in addition to benchmarks like McDonald’s iconic sandwich. We know that UBS analyst firm calculates time to time that, based on the average salary and average prices, in which country and how much you have to work to buy a Big Mac (it is 44 minutes in Hungary). However, it is a novelty that we can learn how many hours or days we have to work to buy the cheapest iPhone 6s model.

In Europe, we can buy it the fastest in Switzerland, it needs only 20 hours. Globally, New York does not fall behind much, we have to work 24 hours for the phone. Paris and London residents have to spend nearly twice as much time, 42 hours in their workplaces. 158 hours of wages is sufficient to buy the Apple mobile in Moscow, hir24.hu wrote.

Six weeks working for the 6

But what about Hungary? According to UBS, Hungarians have to work 219 hours for the 16GB iPhone 6s. Calculated with 8 hours of work a day, it is more than 27 days, that is 5 and half working weeks. And all this so we do not eat, pay rent and overheads. Otherwise, we are on the same level as Bucharest. The situation is “lucky” only in Budapest, since in Bekes County, where average wage is the lowest, people have to work 388 hours for the same iPhone.

But there are worse numbers as well: a person living in Kiev has to work 627 hours, ie 15 and half weeks, to buy an iPhone 6s.

based on the article of hir24.hu
translated by BA

Graph: www.ubs.com

Source: http://24.hu

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