During his end of year speech Péter Árvai, CEO and co-founder of Prezi, revealed that the site has 1.1 million new users every month, and prezi.com has become the biggest public presentation database with 65 million users, and with 200 million public prezis, which have a total view of more than a billion, hvg.hu writes.

According to Árvai, the number of professional users has rapidly grown in 2015, and significantly more marketing-and sales users have registered on the site. They are the ones who excessively use Prezi’s dialogue based functions: users do not have to scroll through the presentation, but can simply click on the selected slide. Many new templates have been developed to satisfy these users’ needs, and Prezi would like to increase the number of group-and mobile presentations as well.

Hvg.hu also reported that Prezi has recently increased the number of its employees in both of its offices: the Budapest office has 180 employees altogether, while 50 people are working in the San Francisco office at the moment. According to Árvai, they reached the optimum number of workers, but that does not mean that they stopped company developments.

The biggest event of 2015 was the introduction of Prezi’s application for android devices, which significantly increased the number of mobile users among Prezi’s subscribers.

In November 2014, the company received a total investment of $57 million from Spectrum Equity, and former investor Accel Partners, which provides the financial stability for Prezi for future developments, Árvai said.

The company strives to improve Prezi further in 2016, satisfying the needs of companies and different groups, eliminating technological barriers, and making Prezi even easier to use.

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Source: hvg.hu

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