PlayStation Portable is a popular Sony handheld game console. As any handheld, it was designed to be convenient and easy to use. Presently, it’s not necessary to have a physical handheld to enjoy the games released for it. Modern technologies made it possible for you to play your favorite Sony PlayStation Portable games on your computer and even on phone. Today, you’re going to learn how to turn your Android device into PSP. 

The PPSSPP Emulator

The program that’s a prerequisite for starting playing retro games on your Android gadget is called an emulator. Emulators, as their very name suggests, mimic the operation of an old console and make your device act as a suitable platform for running this console’s games.

The emulator that can best emulate the PlayStation Portable is PPSSPP. Those who used to refrain from downloading and installing emulators for fear of committing piracy can put their worries aside. The PPSSPP emulator can be downloaded from Google Store for free completely legally. If you can’t wait to quench your nostalgic thirst, we suggest that you consider installing this emulator onto your Android device and try running cult PSP titles on it.

PPSSPP can run PSP games smoothly not only on an Android phone or a tablet PC, but is also compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

The emulator will allow you to enjoy your favorite classics in the best possible quality. PPSSPP enables you to double the resolution and thus removes some of the artifacts on polygonal models. Moreover, this tool is capable of fixing and complementing some textures, which will make your game more pleasing to the eye.

PPSSPP don’t require installing the BIOS files, which are usually a prerequisite for other emulators. PPSSPP boast a user-friendly interface and a setup menu you can access anytime to incorporate any changes in settings, which, nonetheless, requires particular skills and experience. Inexperienced users should be OK with default settings.

Playing PSP Games on Android

After downloading the PPSSPP emulator on your phone, you can proceed to installing the new program.

  • Google Play provides customers with detailed instruction on downloading and installing its products. So, we recommend that you avail yourself of them.

When you’re done with installing the emulator, you’ll see a game menu in your emulator. They are preinstalled games that are very unlikely to satisfy your gaming predilections. But you can download as many PSP games as you want from This website has the best ROMs for any retro console.

Keep in mind that your emulator supports the .iso .cso, .pbp, .elf, and .prx files only. You should copy them to any folder on your Android gadget.