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Prestigious US magazine Swimming World crowns Hungarian Kristóf Rasovszky as the top open water swimmer in the world, Index reports. Rasovszky stole the title from Dutch Ferry Weertman who had been swimmer of the year for two consecutive years.

Swimming World announces the best open water swimmer of the world every year.

Due to his historic achievement at the European Championships, Hungarian Kristóf Rasovszky was chosen as the best male swimmer in the world in 2018.

At the European Championships in Glasgow, Rasovszky won gold in the 5K race and the 25K race, and he won silver in the 10K race (missed the gold by only millimetres).

Rasovszky was the first one in the history of the European Championship to win a medal in all three of the solo races.

Rasovszky admitted that he did aim to win three medals at the European Championships, but he did not expect that almost all three would be gold ones. Swimming World also conducted an interview with the top open water swimmer of the year. In this interview, Rasovszky said that

“It is not enough to be in very good shape, but you need to be in shape to be able to race according to your own tactics.”

It is really incredible what Rasovszky managed to achieve within only one year. After all, he attended his first adult world championship a year ago. Then, he practically triumphed at the European Championships with two gold and one silver medal.

Rasovszky is not the first Hungarian swimmer to hold this title. Hungarian swimmers Tamás Darnyi (1987,1991) and Károly Güttler (1993) were also top open water swimmers of the world.

Dutch Sharon van Rouwendaal was crowned as the best female swimmer in the world in 2018. Hungarian female swimmers who held the same title before are Éva Risztov, who was the top female open water swimmer of the world in 2012, and Krisztina Egerszegi, who was chosen as the best female swimmer in the world three times (1991, 1992, 1996).

Hungary finished 4th on the medal table of the European Swimming Championship

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