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Berlin, April 29 (MTI) – Human Resources Minister Zoltán Balog held talks with senior officials of the German federal government and the German parliament in Berlin, leading a delegation of the Hungarian-German friendship chapter of the national assembly.

Balog met Hartmut Koschyk, the German government’s minority affairs commissioner, and Johannes Singhammer, vice president of the Bundestag, politicians of Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU).

The German partners appreciated that the protection of Christian values and ethnic minorities has been enshrined in Hungary’s constitution, saying that the country “can be proud” of its fundamental law, Balog told reporters after the talks.

“But when it came to discussing the migrant issue, a difference in opinions did emerge,” he said.

Although Hungary rejects the EU’s mandatory migrant quota scheme, it has assumed a large part of migration-related burdens, he said.

Balog noted that Hungary had offered the fourth largest contingent of troops within the EU to help Frontex protect the external borders in Greece, which the EU’s common border protection agency “has still not been able to use.”

Commenting on talks with Bundestag’s vice president, Balog said that Singhammer expressed support for Hungary’s measure of having set up a fence along its southern border to control illegal migration.

Singhammer said that Bavaria would go ahead putting in place a “tool of control” along its own borders to stem illegal migration, if European-level efforts to protect the bloc’s external border fail.



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