Khalaf al Habtoor, chairman of the Al Habtoor Group and Sándor Balogh, co-founder of the African-Hungarian Union (AHU) met in Budapest to discuss the conditions of a possible joint humanitarian aid action to Syrian refugees, reported.

Due to the Syrian Civil War and the ruthlessness of the Islamic state, some 4.5 million people have had to flee from their home in the warfare zone. The refugees found shelter in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Kurdistan. The African-Hungarian Union (AHU), together with the Asian-Hungarian Society, has already aided refugees that are being accommodated in Turkey.

Khalaf al Habtoor and Sándor Balogh discussed, inter alia, the way in which it would be possible for the two organisation to collaborate in supporting refugee camps in Lebanon. According to them, to support primary host countries in the region and the refugee camps located there are crucial issues, because those who have left Syria want to find refuge as close to their original home as possible. The only reason they have taken the road towards Europe is that the conditions in these primary host countries have become untenable. With creating better, more viable living conditions in these countries, the immigration pressure in Europe would be reduced as a consequence, they added.

Earlier in March, Khalaf al Habtoor and Sándor Balogh together opened the Hungarian Trade and Culture Centre (HTCC) in Dubai. Sándor Balogh on that occasion emphasized that “Dubai might be the gate for Hungarian businessmen who are interested in doing business on the Easter or the Southern market.” Referring to the bilateral collaboration, the chairman of the Al Habtoor Group said: “I support any initiative that brings Dubai and Hungary closer to each other.”

The chairman has already bought two hotels in Budapest, and planning to make further investments in the country. The aim of the collaboration is clear: to strengthen bilateral relationships and to help Hungarian and Dubai enterprises get into each other’s market.

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