While top rated attractions and beautiful destinations that look great on your Instagram are valid reasons to visit somewhere, what about the people in the countries themselves? More specifically, what about all those sexy accents you can listen to while you travel?

Big 7 Travel is all about inspiring people to visit somewhere new. There’s almost 7,000 languages in the world, with even more varieties of accents, but which is the best? They polled our readers from all across the globe to find the world’s sexiest accent for 2019.

From lilting Welsh to the language of love, the results are in…

Even though the Hungarian language did not make into the top 10, being No. 14 is quite flattering considering the uniqueness of the listed languages.

According to the poll, Hungarian sounds beautiful when sung, with a rhythmic vibe to the consonants.

Top 10 Sexiest Accents 2019:

10th. Brazilian Portuguese
9th. U.S Southern
8th. Spanish
7th. French
6th. Scottish
5th. Australian
4th. Italian
3rd. Irish
2nd. South African
1st. Kiwi

Source: https://bigseventravel.com/

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