The latest video of the ambulance driver Tibor Csordás is spreading like a wildfire on the web. The video in which he drives along the streets of Budapest was uploaded to on Sunday, immediately welcoming major success among the visitors of the website. Since then, the video has been watched more than 540 000 times, reported.

One of the most enthusiastic visitor found the video so impressive that he even drew up a map showing the way of the ambulance, and calculated that it travelled 7.6 kilometres in less than six minutes, which means that the ambulance was moving at an average speed of 80 kilometres per hour.

Csordás started to upload similar videos a few years ago because he wanted to show that how frequently he faces with such a phenomenon that car drivers do not provide the compulsory priority rule to the ambulance. In light of this, it is quite surprising that the drivers have received a lot of praise for opening the way to the ambulance in the comments made by the visitors of the website.

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translated by Gábor Hajnal


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