The Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC) starts a business delegation to Kampala, capital of Uganda between November 12-17, 2015, at the invitation of the Uganda government to explore economic opportunities, wrote.

In order to represent and promote the foreign economic interests of Hungary, Minister of National Development Miklos Sesztak will lead the delegation in the spirit of the southern opening.

The key objective of the journey is, with the help of the Hungarian government, the Hungarian enterprises – particularly the small and medium-sized enterprises – have new opportunities for which government support and cooperation is essential.

Anyone can join the business delegation of HTCC who would like to learn and exploit the economic opportunities inherent in the region.

The delegation travels by a separate airplane, it costs EUR 3200/person (excluding VAT) which includes programs, accommodation and the airline tickets.

Anyone wishing to become a member of the business delegation can indicate its prior intention to participate by filling the online registration form no later than until 14:00 November 6, 2015, wrote.

The number of seats is limited, so those will be filled in the order of applications and payments.

Those who have any questions in connection with the travel, can get more information from Erika Menyhart at the [email protected] or from Zsuzsa Orzoi at the [email protected] email address. You can also inquire on the (+36 1) 288 0080 phone number.


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