It is the second year for Szindónia Castle Hotel to get an award on the prestigious competition, reports Szeretlek Magyarorszag.

Hungarian Szidónia Castle Hotel got awarded in an international field, where it got onto the list of the world’s most popular hotels, at World Luxury Hotel Awards.

Based on the feedback of the guest the hotel – located in Röjtökmuzsaj – took the special award, the Luxury Historical Hotel, on 29th October in Doha. Szidónia Castle Hotel was able to win an award in two consecutive years at this prestigious competition, as it also was the first to be awarded from Hungary last year.

The world’s hotels compete at World Luxury Hotel Awards – based on the guests’ opinions. Bánkuty Orsolya, the manager of the hotel could take the special award of Luxury Historical Hotel this year.





The speciality of World Luxury Hotel Awards, which is the hotels’ Oscar-gala, is, that the luxury hotels and the services are ranked and assessed by the guests, based on their own experiences.

The Röjtökmuzsaj Castle Hotel, which stands in its original form and beauty, aims to ensure total relaxation and a homely, intimate atmosphere. The building, which is used to be owned by nobles, is surrounded by an amazing seven-hectare park, which further strengthens the atmosphere and the style of the house. There are decades-old oak-trees in the park, and also a tennis court, a table tennis, a badminton court and the Szidónia Vital Bathhouse, that await the visitors. It is a versatile, loveable place – perfect for weddings, conferences, family relaxation.

Photo: Szidónia Kastélyszálloda

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