The Hungarian CFR 1907 supporters were attacked by the Ultras U Cluj with sticks, chains, and brass knuckles, reports The attack, to which twenty children were witnesses, happened over the weekend. The fan group ‘KVSC 1907’ plans to report this to the police.

One of the supporters (who would like to remain anonymous) told Maszol that the amateur football tournament, KVSC Kolozs Kupa, was organised for the eighth time this year at a rented sports field. Several clubs from Transylvania, Hungary and Slovakia participate at this tournament.

Nationalistic messages are directed against the Hungarian community by Romanian politicians, journalists, social media influencers and opinion-makers

As it is a tradition, the organisers brought their families to the event, where the atmosphere is friendly and pleasant. Between matches, people drink beer and chat, they barbeque, children play with each other, so it is all like a family picnic. However, this time the picnic ended tragically.

An anonymous man tells that suddenly the supporters of CFR’s arch rival, U Cluj showed up at the field. There were roughly 30 Ultras, chanting hate words against Hungarians and the CFR team, and then broke into the field. Some men tried to hold them back and even made them leave, especially because there were pregnant women and children on the field.

At first, it seemed that the KVSC members were successful at holding the Ultras back, as the latter left the field, only to return with chains, brass knuckles and sticks that were hidden at the gates.

‘All hell broke loose. They didn’t say a single word, just started beating us immediately. Four or five of us were torn down to the ground, they were beaten with chains and kicked everywhere’

According to the man, they finally managed to fight the Ultras back. He believes that what helped them to get through this was the paternal instinct, because they were protecting their families. He further adds that even one of his friends, who has never hit anyone in his life, engaged in the fight.

Not the first time: about two weeks ago, at the Sepsi OSK – Dinamo Bucureşti match, Hungarians had to endure xenophobic slurs

The CFR supporter argues that the biggest issue at hand is that children were witness to this bloody act. He describes that women were terrified and children were screaming, concluding that the children are now traumatised for the rest of their lives. One of the children could not go to sleep that night, being afraid that the ‘bad men’ might break into their house.

After the Ultras scattered off, the KVSC players sent their families home and continued on with the tournament. One of the reasons for this was that they did not want to give the satisfaction to the Ultras of having ruined the event for the Hungarians. Three Ultras showed up again during the award giving ceremony, telling the KVSCs that they are waiting for them at the Hoia Forest, where they can find out who’s better.

The man accepts the fact that there are street fights between supporters, but he would not put up with such things happening as the one that happened to them. The KVSC players are reporting the incident to the police. Not because some suffered serious injuries, but because they were attacked in front of their wives and children.

The manager of the U Cluj team, Ioan Ovidiu Sabău, reported to NCN TV Cluj that he condemns the behaviour of the U Cluj supporters. He believes that the authorities should do their job in this case. Despite this, the club president, Radu Constantea, refused to comment on the case, stating that ‘this is the first time I hear about this, I know nothing about the incident’.

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