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Two Hungarians beat, poisoned, then killed an American bulldog in Birkenhead, England. The couple was soon sentenced for 10 weeks in prison. They are also banned from keeping animals ever again.

RSPCA News reports that a Hungarian man and a Hungarian woman were jailed after they beat, poisoned, and stabbed their own dog named Luna in the neck. The RSPCA became involved in the case back in April after Luna’s body was found in an alleyway behind the defendants’ house.

The post-mortem examination revealed what really happened to Luna. Leila Horvath and Norbert Farkas first beat Luna with a bar, then poisoned her with antifreeze, then finally stabbed her in the neck. The American bulldog was left suffering a “slow death” for three days.

All of this has taken place in their own backyard in Parkside Road, Birkenhead, England.

The abusers appeared at Wirral Magistrates’ Court on 13 August, where they were sentenced for a total of eight animal welfare offences between them.

They were each given an immediate 10-week prison sentence and a lifetime ban on keeping animals. People are outraged by the lenient sentence.

RSPCA writes that:

“Farkas said that Luna had ‘gone for’ his foot and that although there was no injury, it hurt and he felt fear for his and his partner’s life. He described using a metal weightlifting bar to forcefully strike Luna two to three times on the head. Farkas stated that Luna had been alive in the garden for around an hour. Horvath admitted that she had then gone outside and given Luna antifreeze in sausages.”

We also know that Luna had recently had 12 puppies. She had become quite protective of them. The owners researched the cost of getting a dog euthanised and also poisoning dogs and what chemical to use.

A vet examined the puppies, who are all suffering from respiratory illnesses. All puppies have been rehomed.






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