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Another scandal hits the Hungarian airline Wizz Air: a couple could not get on their flight to Tel-Aviv because the plane was overbooked, HVG reports. They bought the tickets several weeks before, and they are outraged by how the situation was handled.

Shortly after Wizz Air was issued a fine of HUF 25 million for unfair commercial practice, another scandal broke out. A Hungarian couple bought their flight tickets to Tel-Aviv, Israel, through a travel agency approximately one month before the date of the flight. They wanted to go on a pre-organised trip. The travel agency reassured them that everything was completely fine with the booking. The couple was part of a group of 29 tourists from Debrecen going on the same trip.

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After they arrived at Budapest Airport, they were informed during check-in that, unfortunately, more tickets were sold than seats available on the plane, and there is literally no place for the wife on the plane.

The flight was completely overbooked. The wife was not the only one, another woman was also informed that she cannot go on the plane.

The couple obviously did not want to split up, so the husband was kind enough to offer his ticket to the other woman.

Sadly, overbooking is not uncommon, but the Hungarian airline went against the rules when they singled out two women randomly and told them that they cannot board the plane.

Judith Darai Nagy, CEO of Smart Travel, told HVG that in the cases of overbooking, the proper procedure to follow is to ask the passengers to volunteer and give up their place if they can make the flight at another time, and they will be well-compensated for their generosity. If no one volunteers, the airline has the right to reject someone but compensation has to be paid and the airline also has to provide accommodation if necessary.

The Hungarian couple is outraged and will take legal action against the airline. They demand millions of forints in damages from Wizz Air.

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Source: www.hvg.hu

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