Hajtas Pajtas company won this year’s Provident Social Benefit Award. The jury considered that the delivery service is an exemplary domestic enterprise which operation is characterized by long-term sustainable strategic thinking and responsible business behavior, uzletresz.hu wrote.

The award was founded by the financial company famous for its wide-ranging CSR program and economic weekly magazine Figyelo. The goal was to recognize the companies operating in Hungary which serve as an example to follow for other companies and they have a positive impact on society as a whole.

According to uzletresz.hu, during the selection, it was also an important consideration that the award-winning organization is competitive through its future-oriented approach and innovative thinking.

Sustainable and value

“This year, we chose a company which, besides it seeks sustainability and environmental consciousness through its corporate strategy and operation, also represents this vision by its product. Hajtas Pajtas, as a bicycle courier service, pays special attention to the   broadest possible promotion of environmentally conscious approach, the use of innovative tools, and it also played a central role in creating the Hungarian cycling culture. The recognition of companies operating along such lines is extremely important. Success is also a key aspect for a business, but the most important criteria for a successful company is the pursuit of sustainable development. We would like to draw attention to this with Provident Social Benefit Award” – Botond Szirmak, CEO of Provident Financial Plc. said.

based on the article of uzletresz.hu
translated by BA

Photo: Hajtas Pajtas Facebook page

Source: http://www.uzletresz.hu

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