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Let us introduce the coolest Hungarian blogger who travels around the world. And it is a dog!

Magyarországom reported that the Hungarian vizsla called Whiskey lives its best life and travels around the world with its owner who takes Whiskey everywhere on the planet. They never travel without a camera, and they share everything on Whiskey’s official Instagram account.

The dog already has 100,000 followers.

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We are finding with the right clothing, gear, and weather readings we are able to hike and camp longer into the autumn season than before. Did I mention the right friends? ⋗ A couple years ago and I would have never attempted to camp in off season with little daylight, freezing and humidity near 100%. I wouldn't have seen the misty clouds from my tent either! ⋗ A couple things that have helped for cold weather camping ⋗⋗layer in merino wool with a packable down jacket ⋗⋗a good sleeping mat is key ⋗⋗don't sacrifice comfort for lightweight ⋗⋗keep an extra shirt and socks for the tent ⋗⋗crampons ⋗⋗bring squishy food that doesn't freeze ⋗⋗dog sleeping bags for the day breaks ⋗⋗butt mats are amazing ⋗ #AdventureWithDogs #hikingadventures #takemebackpacking #campingwithdogs

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Whiskey is four years old and lives with its owner in Canada. It is keen on nature and looks for adventures all the time. Its owner, Adele and her partner, take it for a nice hike once a week and explore the countryside and nature all the time.

The Hungarian vizsla needs at least two hours of free walk somewhere outside the house. Keeping it in the garden is not enough. We are ready to give all the attention it needs,” said Adele.

The owner also added that she loves Hungarian vizslas and considers them the smartest dogs ever.

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The most perfect sunrise! ⋗ It's been so long since I've been hiking with @ridgebacksonridges (who took this photo 🙌) and we finally shared a tent this last weekend in such a magical adventure. ⋗ Starting in rain, we walked through fog, snow, clouds, mud, ice, surrounded by the colors of autumn and early winter. Because the weather had called for rain we didn't experience much of a crowd on the way up and the clouds actually makes everything seem so much more beautiful. ⋗ We had the whole area to ourselves overnight, and woke up for a frosty sunrise summit hike. What a view! Once we slid our way back down for breakfast, we packed up to go and must have passed at least a hundred people on the way back. ⋗ #radgirlscollective #womenwhohike #womenwhoexplore

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“I chose the Vizsla breed mainly because they are known to be such high energy dogs that are wonderful to hike with,” she explained. “The first time we went camping, Whiskey was a puppy and crawled into the footbed of my sleeping bag and all night long wiggled around my bag keeping me up,” wrote

Whiskey not only makes the perfect hiking partner but is also a good protector, said Adele. Hiking in the wild, the pair came close to a bear and even got stampeded by a moose, and both times, Whiskey did not freak out like most of us would.

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