Budapest, February 1 (MTI) – Hungarian officials on Saturday warned of dangerous driving conditions in the south and west of the country, as well as in Serbia and Austria.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that snow had blocked many roads in Austria, mostly in the south, where several people died because of the extreme weather conditions. The ministry noted that snow was forecast to continue in the coming days.

Serbia’s border police decided to close down crossing stations along the border with Hungary’s Bacs-Kiskun county from 2.15pm on Saturday. The ban applies to both passenger cars and road haulage vehicles, Hungarian police said. According to information from the national disaster management authority, crossings with Serbia in the Csongrad area have also been closed down.

The police warned drivers in western Hungary of icy roads, especially around Keszthely and on the M70 driveway. Road conditions are similar in Somogy and Vas counties, as well. Rainy weather with sub-zero temperatures is expected to continue on Sunday.

Snowdrifts have blocked three roads in Bacs-Kiskun, a spokesman for road manager Magyar Kozut told MTI, but added that no residential areas had been cut off.

Photo: MTI


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