Education is one of the big losers in the 2019 budget approved on Friday, the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said.

The sector will basically get the same amount of funding this year as last year, which means that, in real terms, support for education will drop, deputy group leader Gergely Arató told a press conference on Saturday.

As a result, “the decline and deterioration of education will continue”,

while the number of early school leavers will increase, and every tenth child will leave the education system without proper skills, he added.

The deterioration of the quality of education will also endanger the competitiveness of Hungary, he said. The purpose of the Orbán government is to turn Hungary into an assembly plant and “reserve the opportunity for advancement through education for a privileged few”, he added.

This is also evidenced by the government’s plan to require a language exam for matriculation into colleges or universities, he said.

Ruling Fidesz said that education was a loser only during the government of current DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány when hundreds of billions of forints were withdrawn from the sector, a month’s salary was taken away from teachers and schools were shut down in several hundred villages. There will be 606 billion forints more for education next year than the amount the last left-wing government allocated in 2010, the statement added.

As we wrote two weeks ago, schools throughout the country are in great trouble. How will schools cope with this kind of difficulty, with more and more leaving teachers? The situation is even worse in small towns and the countryside, read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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