Erdőtelek is a small village in Heves county, one-hour-car ride away from the capital. This little town is a popular hiking destination in the Northern part of the Great Hungarian Plain, writes The Arboretum, the Buttler Castle and the Erdőteleki Égerláp Nature Reserve are the most popular sights in the area.

Erdőtelek might be the ideal hiking destination during the summer, but it is definitely a place out of a fairy tale in winter when it is all covered in snow. While walking in the arboretum, you will feel like you are in a Disney movie.

Gorgeous small towns near Budapest


The Arboretum

The Arboretum of Erdőtelek displays a variety of trees that are indigenous to Hungary. Visitors can see a wide variety of shrubs and evergreens spreading all over the 25.5-hectare-area of the arboretum.


There are a few types of trees that are meant to be seen in their spring or summer forms. However, there is plenty to see during the winter, such as Hungary’s tallest silver fir that is 3.5 metres tall, or the oldest Picea glauca Conica in Hungary that is a hundred years old.

A 100-year-old Picea glauca Conica

The Arboretum is allocated to preserve and protect its beautiful and unique plants.

Erdőtelki Égerláp Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is close to Erdőtelek’s arboretum, and it protects the plant communities of the Great Hungarian Plain. Besides plants, you have a great chance to see a saker falcon, bird of the year in 2000, or bustards. Bustards are a specially protected species since 1970.

Saker falcon
Photo: By Bohuš Číčel

Buttler Castle

The Buttler Castle was constructed in the 1800’s. An 11-hectare-area used to belong to the castle with a fruit garden, a greenhouse and a considerable farmyard. The whole property was bought by the founder of the arboretum dr. József Kovács in 1845. The castle can be visited after a preliminary discussion with Erdőtelek’s mayor.


St. Anne’s chapel in Hanyipuszta

Hanyipuszta is a holy place; it is the shrine of St. Anne. The chapel is more than 300 years old. It was completely abandoned for more than 50 years after the village’s desolation. Today, many pilgrims visit the chapel to confess their sins and show their respect. A country fair is held each year on 26 July which is quite a popular event.


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