Lake Balaton is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary due to its beautiful natural environment, historic monuments and versatile programmes. You should visit the “Hungarian Sea”, with friends, family or your significant other. collected five places that are perfect for dates.

The look-out tower of Zamárdi

When in Zamárdi or Siófok, go on a 10 minute walk to the Kő Hill, which is very close to the centre of Zamárdi. There’s a look-out tower on top of the hill with a beautiful panorama of the lake. You can see the northern coast from Balatonfűzfő to Badacsony, and also the Somogy Hills lying behind the southern coast.


The Castle Park of Keszthely

You’ll find a beautiful, neat French garden behind the Festetics Castle of Keszthely. The layout of the park is square shaped and it is full of fountains, benches and romantic spots for picnics. There’s also a Doll Museum with love locks on a rail in front of the entrance. Furthermore, the castle itself is a truly beautiful and versatile sight, because you not only learn about baronial life, hunting and carts, but also take part in concerts, candlelit walks, wine tastings and admire the unique flora of the huge park.


The water tower of Siófok

Siófok is one of the liveliest cities along the coast. It has an amazing night-life, great programme opportunities for families, wellness hotels and everything you need on a vacation. It’s also worth seeing the city from above. An elevator takes you to the top of the water tower, which has a look-out level and a rotating café. You can enjoy the beautiful view while indulging in gastronomic experiences.


Badacsony – the stairway to love

The stairs of love (or the stairway to love) can be found in Badacsony, and it has 464 stair-steps. It’s worth climbing up to the top because of the phenomenal panorama. Badacsony is also the home of the famous Rose Rock, which can be connected to the most famous couple of Lake Balaton. Sándor Kisfaludy and Róza Szegedy loved to sit here. It is believed that if you sit there, holding hands, your love for each other will strengthen.


The old town of Tihany

It’s no surprise that Tihany is one of the most popular places at Balaton. It is mostly known for the lavender festival, but it is much more than the home of lavender. The crooked streets, the panorama and the lovely buildings make you feel like you’re in a fairy-tale. Perfect for a summer date 😉

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Photo: Daily News Hungary


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