Many new companies last for five or even ten years but fail before becoming successful. There one in Hungary is an exception.

Hello Vidék reported that the Lenhardt family in Hungarian town Makó (Csongrád County) had been the prominent expert in making straps for nearly 150 years. Although the Hungarian culture does not use horses anymore and the two World Wars, the Soviet regime, and other stormy historical events contributed to the fact of making the country’s strap-business forgotten, the family is still active in this field.

leather, Lehardt, Hungary

This Hungarian business in Makó has been operating since 1873, and it is unstoppable. In the 2000s, the family faced hardships with the wide range of cheap leather products and the vanishing horse-culture, but the family kept the tradition of making some of these products by hands and if possible without any machines.

leather, Hungary, Lehradt, Makó

In the manufactory in Makó mainly leather-products and other equipment for horses and dogs are made like straps, sockets, and belts. All of these products are made according to Hungarian historical traditions, in excellent quality and last but not least, in the typical Hungarian colours. These products are straightforward but perfect for those who are bored with ordinary and unusual leather clothing and would like to buy something simple but beautiful at the same time.

horse, Makó, Lehardt, Hungary

The Hungarian manufactory wrote history by providing equipment for the Lannister knights in the worldwide known Game of Thrones series.

The family continues to make prominent leather products in the future and hopes that ancient Hungarian craftsmanship will rise again.

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